Rules: Please read Before Posting.

Question about vintage gear? Wondering how to apply that new scale you are learning? This is the place for all things guitar.
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Rules: Please read Before Posting.

Post by Craig » Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:46 pm

Mission Statement;

We created our forum for the purpose of sharing POSITIVE images, impressions, and experiences regarding guitars, amps, gear, and all things about guitar music. We are NOT interested in negativity here. We are hosting a site reserved for fun, and positive interactions. So, please no "my guitar is better than your guitar". Let's talk about gear on it's own merits, and not compare it to other gear in a negative way.

Forum Rules:

First off, Welcome to the forum! We like to think of this place as our own "Virtual Pub". The little place on the internet where you can sit down with good friends and talk about guitars, effect pedals and any other musically related topics.

We have a few simple rules here, to help keep the peace. Please read them over and then feel free to join in!

1. No Politics or Religion.

These forums are for discussing the guitar. The occasional off topic thread is allowed, but please designate it by adding an "OT:" to the beginning of the thread title. Politics and religion always seem to stir up hard feelings, so it's best if they are not brought up in here.

2. No Spam.

If you are just stopping in to sell something, don't bother.

3. No Personal Attacks.

Please refrain from personal attacks. If you are having a problem with a member and it can't be settled through PMs, talk to one of the Mods.

4. No Trolls!

If you are here to tell everyone how great you are, stir up trouble and see how many folks you can upset, you are in the wrong place.

5. No Profanity or Inappropriate Images.

Please remember that this is a family site and is therefore viewed by people of all ages. It's also important to note that folks who are logging in from their places of work, may wind up having pages that contain profanities, blocked. Therefore it is in everyones best interest to avoid it.

Other then that, take off your hat, pull up a seat and stay a while. There are a lot of very knowledgeable folks here and an equal number of "newbies" looking for help. One way or another, I'm sure you'll fit right in.

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Craig Brophy
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