NAD! Fender Tone-Master

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Re: NAD! Fender Tone-Master

Post by Caevan O'Shite » Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:23 am

Oh, I agree with you, I really like those V-30's, they have a FANTASTIC "KerrRRRAAANG"! Classic/Hard/Punk Rock sounds great through them in a good cab, especially clanging, aggressive rhythm-guitar and big Townshend-to-Page-to-Strummer chords.

I also love 12" guitar-speakers and prefer them over 10" speakers. Y' know what'd be even better than that one 12" V-30 in your Pro Sonic? TWO of 'em! (IF they'd fit!) I'd bet that the original 2x10" Celestion array, PLUS a 1x12" or 2x12" extension-cab (closed-back, perhaps?), would also sound fantastic. Might be more than you'd want to cart around, though! :D :thumb:

As for the Tone Massa, I do believe that Bruce Zinky was referencing a lot of classic Eddie Van Halen tones, so even if the amp was designed and paired with V-30's, it doesn't surprise me that it'd sound great with "greenbacks", as well. And I'm not surprised that a mix of greenbacks and V-30s results in great, rich and complex tones!
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