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From Mix to Master

Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:46 am
by splitting hare
It appears that the long ongoing process of releasing our first CD in The Scarlet Love Conspiracy is about to finish up! Gee, it only took about 4 years! :shock: :? :P Over the past couple of months I have been going back and forth with a local mastering engineer on our mixes. Turns out I have had a LOT of things to fix in the mix! But this has been a good experience for me and I have picked up a good bit of info along the way that will assist in future recordings and productions.

I submitted this song called Muddy Water awhile back here in the Peer Song Review section. Here was the mix then: ... dy-water-1

After some mix tweaks on my end, a little editing (cut, copy, and paste stuff that I really couldn't do on my standalone Yamaha DAW but now accomplish with ease in Reaper), a touch of verb here and there, and having the mastering engineer make a few passes on it, we know have this: ... dy-water-2

I dig doing this stuff!!!