We thank you for visiting our web site, and hope you will enjoy your
time with us. We would like to tell you a few things about the group
and the philosophy behind the formation of the RoadHog Band.   

We have been playing in the Detroit metropolitan area for 
many years and have enjoyed the people and their positive reactions 
to the music we play. After 25 plus years of doing current hits of  
some of the worlds most popular artists we now find ourselves       
playing what is sometimes referred to as "Oldies". These tried and  
true hits may be considered by some to be oldies but the group's    
opinion of this material is that it is classical. With just a few of
these hits being of 1950's vintage the great majority of what we    
play is American southern rock and British Invasion classic material
from the 1960's and 70's.                                           


It is our opinion that this material is, when compared to today's popular music superior instrumentally and vocally and that today's hits are for the most part not done as well as the classic rock/R&B material ofthe 60's and 70's. 

And so our direction is to perform the great classical hits with the same power, dynamics and accuracy as the original groups. We want to give people the opportunity to hear these hits live because that is the only way that they can really be appreciated. 


What Are RoadHogs?

RoadHogs are those little round stinky balls left by horses in the middle of the road... WAIT, that's Road Apples! RoadHogs are those %#@*&@! slow drivers in
the left lane of any American highway... WAIT, they ARE road hogs, but they ain't us. 

OK, I got it! RoadHogs are a hard-drivin', finger-snappin', foot-stompin', kick-a__ "classic" rock & blues band playing in and around the city of Detroit, Michigan. 


We do not use any prerecorded band tracks or synthesizers or any other kind of sound trickery in our music, it is performed as close to the original sound as possible. We have concentrated this effort in many ways from using equipment that is of the same tonal character as the original artists used and even the same types of instruments and amplifiers. Vocally, we have concentrated on the harmonies and inflections of the original artists voices to give our audience a true reproduction of how live classic rock/blues really sounded in a concert venue.       

The RoadHog Band

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Created by "Jim Paravantes"